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Our supplier services maximise product success at every stage of the product journey. From ranging products for supply into the wholesale channel to clinical trials support for speciality medicines through to sophisticated storage and distribution infrastructure, we help you prosper. 

Speed to market

With Symbion, getting your products to market is quick and easy.

Tracking the details of your business is simple with the neXus portal, which provides direct access to important product, performance and forecasting data.

The automated pricing and descriptions feature will save you valuable time and ensure accuracy, and when introducing new lines you can easily copy information to other forms – removing the need to re-populate all fields.


The neXus portal includes an automated loading feature for major deals, reducing manual processes and ensuring promotions are intuitive and accurate.

neXus further assists suppliers by:

  • Pre-populating live and accurate data
  • Automating order forms to ensure correct pricing
  • Driving deadline disciplines using automated reminders and workflows
  • Reducing out of stock occurrences through the timely completion of information
  • Improving visibility of products and pricing

It’s a proven solution, fully supported by Symbion.


Symbion has invested heavily in the ‘best-of-breed’ supply chain planning software, GAINS.

Using advanced statistical forecasting capabilities, GAINS allows planners to focus on prioritised exceptions, value adding opportunities and collaboration with supply chain partners.

We also integrate market intelligence around demand events including promotional activity, new products, product lifecycles and PBS changes. 

We ensure frequent contact with leading suppliers via our world-class collaboration program, Symbion Engage. Since the program’s inception, our partners have demonstrated consistently higher performance and better business outcomes. 

The structured, targeted sharing of key performance information, forecast development and issue resolution cuts through organisational silos to promote uninterrupted product flow.

Symbion Engage

Symbion Engage is a supplier collaboration program designed to ensure maximum efficiency for our supplier partners.

We analyse every single transaction our pharmacy customers make, to better understand what the industry’s needs were, what they are now, and what they will be into the future.

This data is collected using the latest GAINS software – of which we are the most advanced user in Australia and a leading user globally – and shared with our suppliers to help them improve their results, make better decisions and respond quickly to market opportunities.

We are committed to working closely with them to support their strategies and aspirations and show them the best way forward.

Distribution and Storage

Symbion is committed to getting stock to community pharmacies and hospitals in full and on time, through its nationwide network of 10 warehouses that are strategically located around Australia to enable daily deliveries.

Together they house over 17,000 product lines including prescription medicines, controlled substances and high value medicines, temperature-controlled medicines and over-the-counter (OTC) products.

Orders are delivered within 24 hours of order cut-off time, in line with the Australian Government’s Community Service Obligation guidelines. Orders can be placed by phone, fax or online – day or night.

Technology continues to improve how we interact with suppliers and customers alike and Electronic Data Interface (EDI) allows us to communicate quickly and easily with our partners across the supply chain.


Continuous improvement within the supply chain is an integral part of Symbion’s commitment to quality.

We invest in the world’s best technologies to increase efficiency for our suppliers and pharmacy customers and respond to the future demands of Australia’s healthcare landscape.

Our Sydney and Melbourne facilities are examples of that commitment, featuring state-of-the-art warehousing and distribution technology and moving more than 10,000 units of medicine every hour.

For suppliers, the neXus online portal provides direct access to important product, performance and forecasting data – so they can monitor all aspects of their business.

Meanwhile, Symbion’s own forecasting capabilities keeps them abreast of changing marketplace dynamics.

Clinical Trials

The Symbion Clinical Trials team leverages deep market knowledge and supplier relationships to identify the right solutions for customers. Their experience is backed by systems and procedures which are second to none, enabling the development and management of all aspects of the clinical trial process.

Safety and quality are paramount, and Symbion Clinical Trials maintains strict adherence to regulatory framework. Its objective is to deliver trials with precision and efficiency, while minimising the risks for its customers.


Clinect markets a range of products and devices in Australia and New Zealand, supporting the unique demands of the hospital market and ensuring patients have access to important, life enhancing products.

The business focuses its activities on hospital products directed towards a limited population, suffering from serious diseases. These products require special attention and knowledge to handle them professionally in the marketplace. Clinect is able to leverage its established relationships with hospitals and pharmacies for positive results.


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