Bespoke end-to-end solutions

Our Special Access Scheme (SAS) service assists TGA approved customers to arrange the importation and/or supply of unapproved therapeutic goods for their patients.

Each SAS request is unique. Our bespoke service addresses your specific requirements and takes the hassle out of purchasing. You will have real-time access on SHOP to a catalogue of held products to help you plan patient care. Once your order is approved by the TGA we will source your required products from reputable suppliers.

Symbion’s SAS service will enable you to spend more time on patient care while Symbion Hospital Services takes care of:
• Global sourcing
• Regulatory requirements, permits and licenses
• Importing and customs clearance
• Safe delivery within your normal delivery slots
• Pharmacovigilence and ADR reporting

Application forms for SAS products can be found on the link below. Symbion will not accept or process any SAS order without the relevant approvals. Complete the forms and email them to:

Contact our SAS team
Phone 1300 012 686 Fax 1300 016 995