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EBOS Group is the largest and most diversified Australasian marketer, wholesaler and distributor of healthcare, medical and pharmaceutical products. It is also a leading marketer and distributor of recognised animal care brands.

Generating $12.2 billion in revenue annually across its businesses and servicing thousands of customers across Australasia, EBOS Group is committed to building better communities through an unwavering commitment to the provision of high-quality healthcare and animal care products.

With over 5,000 employees in 108 locations across Australia, New Zealand, and Southeast Asia, EBOS Group positively impacts the lives of millions of people and animals across the communities it serves, every day.

EBOS Group strives for leadership in its business segments and continues to pursue a robust strategic investment plan designed to strengthen its core business and target new opportunities that extend the Group’s capabilities and enables it to deliver more for its stakeholders.

EBOS Group is publicly listed on the New Zealand and Australian stock exchanges.





Symbion is a national wholesaler of healthcare services and products with over 4000 retail pharmacy customers and 1300 hospital customers across Australia.

Its beginnings can be traced back 175 years, to when Francis Hardy Faulding opened his first pharmacy in Adelaide in 1845. Since this time, Symbion has grown to become an integral part of the Australian healthcare system.

The company has 11 warehouses located around Australia which coordinate daily deliveries and houses over 16,500 product lines from more than 550 manufacturing partners.

Dedicated to the long-term success of Australian pharmacy, Symbion also offers retail support to major groups and brands, and to independent pharmacies through the Pharmacy Choice program. It further supports community pharmacies through its healthSAVE banner – a cost effective solution for those looking for help to drive their retail business.

As a market-leading business, Symbion is committed to investing in the world’s best technologies, to increase efficiency for its customers and respond to the future demands of Australia’s healthcare landscape.

Its growth and success are guided by four core values:

  • Our people are our advantage
  • We value fresh thinking and new ideas
  • Through partnerships with our customers we deliver great outcomes
  • Strong supplier relationships are central to our success.

Symbion is a signatory to the Australian Government’s Community Service Obligation.

Symbion’s operations are proudly backed by EBOS Group – the largest human and animal healthcare company in Australasia.

TerryWhite Chemmart

TerryWhite Chemmart

TerryWhite Chemmart is one of Australia's leading community pharmacy networks delivering frontline healthcare.

With a network of more than 550 pharmacies across Australia, we are committed to ensuring every Australian has easier access to pharmacists and expert health advice every day. TerryWhite Chemmart provides high-quality, accessible and cost-effective community-based health care services and programs.

If you are a pharmacy owner and would like to find out more about becoming part of the TerryWhite Chemmart network visit http://www.dedicatedtocare.com.au

Or, learn more about TerryWhite Chemmart www.terrywhitechemmart.com.au

Pharmacy Choice

Pharmacy Choice

At Pharmacy Choice®, we support independent pharmacies desire to be their own brand.

We are currently helping more than 800 members Australia-wide to take the next step in pharmacy retailing, delivering added value to their business and driving increases in profitability.

Pharmacy Choice® is a five step integrated retail program for independent pharmacies, which allows pharmacy owners to participate at a level that suits their changing business needs.

We are building healthier pharmacies through our targeted and flexible retail program:

  • Buying Power: Master purchasing habits and improve your bottom line
  • Category Management: Planograms and heat mapping
  • Multi-channel Marketing: Catalogues, LAM, Digital, Social
  • Training: on-line tools, workshops, networking
  • Operations: Store performance and benchmarking

With over 800 members, a proven track record and backed by Australia’s premier wholesaler, Symbion®, Pharmacy Choice® really is the leading program of its type in Australia.

Pharmacy Choice® exists so independent pharmacies can become the trusted health destination in your local community.

For more information please visit:






healthSAVE® is a cost-effective community pharmacy banner, which helps members drive their retail businesses.

The rapidly expanding banner group, which has over 70 stores nationally, offers members a comprehensive solution which enables them to retain a community health service focus while responding to the ever-changing retail pharmacy market.

healthSAVE® delivers outstanding service and value, equipping its pharmacies with the tools they need to provide customers with ‘Quality care for less’.

The brand’s offering includes:

  • Complete branding and signage solutions
  • Group buying power and access to over 5000 lines from 100 suppliers, private label products and generic medicines
  • Marketing and promotions, including point of sale and 12 catalogue promotions per year
  • Comprehensive ticketing program
  • Individual store layouts and planograms to increase space in professional categories
  • healthSAVE rewards membership
  • Reporting, StoreIQ and store performance benchmarking

For more information visit www.healthsave.com.au or LinkedIn.



Minfos offers a complete solution to run your pharmacy effectively and helps you grow your business.

Every Minfos installation comes with dispense, point-of-sale, stock manager, reporting and much more.

With over 20 years of experience, Minfos understands what you need from your software. Minfos’ experienced installers and trainers ensure that your installation runs smoothly and your pharmacy is trading with minimum downtime. Remember, a dedicated customer support team is always on hand to help you!

Key features

  • Never worry about your data going missing between modules when you use Minfos
  • Minfos’ extensive master database delivers accurate and current product information
  • Get clear visibility on your pharmacy’s performance and cash flow position
  • Effortlessly manage your stock levels and seasonal product ordering using Minfos tools
  • And more

Call us today on 1300 887 418 and find out how we can help you!




DoseAid is committed to providing pharmacies and their customers with simple, safe and convenient medication management solutions.

By outsourcing their Dose Administration Aids (DAAs) to DoseAid, pharmacies can tap into a fast-growing market for medication compliance products and services while saving valuable time and labour expenses.

DoseAid’s award-winning, transportable sachets, which help customers take the right medicines at the right time, are packed at DoseAid’s TGA licensed facility. DoseAid uses cutting-edge packing and checking technology to ensure the highest standards of accuracy.

With DoseAid, pharmacies can help their customers while helping their business.

For more information visit www.doseaid.com.au



Intellipharm is the peak pharmacy industry supplier for data, loyalty and business intelligence.

With more than 15 years’ experience in loyalty, generics and compliance reporting, business intelligence and store software services, Intellipharm is the trusted data solution provider in Australian pharmacy.

Intellipharm customers – including pharmaceutical manufacturers, suppliers, brands, groups, wholesalers, individual stores and sales representatives – have come to expect constant innovation and the delivery of fast, accurate and powerful information on demand.

Using web and mobile based systems, Intellipharm transforms data into powerful and customised insights that can be easily actioned by individuals to improve the profitability of their businesses.

For more information visit www.intellipharm.com.au

Ventura Health

Ventura Health

Ventura Health was launched in 2014 and was at the time, the first non-wholesaler, multi-brand, retail pharmacy group and was created after an amalgamation of three competing retail pharmacy brands.

Ventura Health currently owns six retail brands comprising Cincotta Discount Chemist, Mega Save Chemist, YouSave Chemist, Max Value Pharmacy, BetterBuy Pharmacy and MyMedical Pharmacy. Our goal is to grow our franchise group by creating the best possible resource centre for our brands to service our franchise partners within these banners. Since our formation, we have grown to over 80 stores located across the eastern states of Australia.

In 2018, EBOS group acquired Ventura Health and the retail brands owned by Ventura Health.

For more information visit www.venturahealth.com.au

Good Price Pharmacy Warehouse

Good Price Pharmacy Warehouse

The Good Price Pharmacy Warehouse (GPPW) model is based on aggressive pricing, large product range, appealing store layout, well planned marketing strategy, all in a larger format environment, while maintaining customer service standards.

Good Price Pharmacy Warehouse is a destination store that is generally several times the size of a traditional pharmacy. Stores provide consumers with benefits ranging from greater convenience (from a larger range), lower cost of goods while maintaining a high level of customer service.

GPPW provides a perfect platform for pharmacists that are located in areas of both low and high competition to compete head on for the retail dollar. Many smaller stores suffer at the expense of other warehouse groups as they are unable to compete with their aggressive marketing, pricing and range. Good Price Pharmacy Warehouse evens the playing field with all the necessary support and infrastructure in place.




Since its beginnings as H.F. Stevens in Christchurch in 1886, ProPharma has been a leading specialist in health logistics and a valuable contributor to the healthcare industry.

Today, ProPharma is the largest and only national pharmaceutical and over-the-counter medicine wholesaler in New Zealand, with eight branch warehouses strategically located across the country. It provides support and service to pharmacies, hospitals and medical clinics, ensuring products are always available when they’re needed, no matter where that may be.

ProPharma’s drive for efficiency is backed up by sophisticated IT and logistics systems to ensure predictable and consistent delivery, renowned customer service and the “Can do, Will do” attitude of the ProPharma team.

ProPharma – supporting New Zealand healthcare, every day, every way.

For more information visit www.propharma.co.nz

Endeavour Consumer Health

Endeavour Consumer Health

Endeavour Consumer Health is a trans-Tasman business dedicated to providing its retail partners and their customers with affordable, high-quality health and personal care products.

The business was formed in 2014 from the amalgamation of Symbion Consumer Products in Australia and the consumer division of EBOS Healthcare in New Zealand and Australia. 

Endeavour Consumer Health is responsible for marketing and selling respected Australian brands including Pharmacy Choice®, Faulding®, Red Seal®, Anti-Flamme®, Floradix®, Gran’s Remedy® and Allersearch®.

In New Zealand, Endeavour Consumer Health owns market-leading brands Red Seal®, Anti-Flamme® and Gran’s Remedy®, and represents several international brands including Philips®, Deep Heat® and Floradix®.

Endeavour sources high-quality products from proven and trusted manufacturers in Australia and from around the world. All manufacturers and products meet Australia’s stringent quality standards including the Therapeutic Goods Administration when relevant.

Allersearch® is a leading Australian and New Zealand brand that provides medical devices that help manage a variety of respiratory conditions including asthma and COPD. 
The range includes nebulisers, nebuliser accessories, vaporiser, spacers and silicone masks.


Anti-Flamme is a herbal muscle relief cream for the symptomatic relief of sore or strained muscles, lower back pain, arthritic pain, aching joints, sports and exercise injuries.


Faulding has a comprehensive range of complementary medicines including the popular fridge free probiotics range and a variety of vitamins.


Gran’s Remedy®
Gran's Remedy® for smelly feet and footwear is a unique blend of powders that treats the problem of smelly feet or foot odour, rather than masking it. Gran's Remedy® is available in Original, Cooling and Scented powders.


myessential® is a range of value for money products which assist your everyday health needs. Popular products within the myessential® range include our Hot Water Bottle, First Aid Kit, 600ml Shaker and Heat Buddy.


Pharmacy Choice®
Pharmacy Choice® has a wide range of low cost, high quality over-the-counter medicines and non-medicines which are only available in pharmacies. 


Red Seal®
Red Seal® provides a comprehensive range of teas (fruit, herbal and green), natural toothpaste and molasses. It proudly adheres to a brand ethos of best quality products at best possible prices – making good health affordable and accessible to help consumers live their best life.

Please visit endeavourconsumer.com for more information. 

Healthcare Logistics

Healthcare Logistics

We are pleased to announce the rebranding of Symbion Contract Logistics (SCL) to Healthcare Logistics (HCL) to coincide with the opening of our new distribution facility.

We are aligning our Australian business with the New Zealand Healthcare Logistics operations under one banner, which gives us both a new look for the first time in more than 14 years and better differentiates our position in the supply chain channel across the two markets.

Healthcare Logistics (HCL) has operated within the healthcare market for more than 20 years as a 3PL and 4PL healthcare distribution provider.

With a proven track record of providing practical solutions, HCL offers a wide menu of services depending on the specific needs of the individual healthcare company, including distribution, warehousing, clinical trial management, product registration and more.

HCL bases all its business processes and systems around being quality driven and, in support of this, continually invests technology to strengthen its supply chain efficiencies.

Being a service provider, HCL is aware that its true point of difference lies in its people and a ‘Can do, Will do’ mentality. Its dedicated team is focussed on going the extra mile to meet and exceed healthcare companies expectations.

Healthcare Logistics Clinical Trials

Healthcare Logistics Clinical Trials

Healthcare Logistics Clinical Trials is a leading provider of clinical trial logistics in Australia.

Its strategy is two-fold: Our people and our systems work together to assure our success.

The Healthcare Logistics Clinical Trials team leverages deep market knowledge and supplier relationships to identify the right solutions for customers. Their experience is backed by systems and procedures which are second to none, enabling the development and management of all aspects of the clinical trial process.

Safety and quality are paramount, and Healthcare Logistics Clinical Trials maintains strict adherence to regulatory framework. Its objective is to deliver trials with precision and efficiency, while minimising the risks for its customers.

Services include material distribution, supply, return and destruction, and relabelling and repackaging.

For more information please email info@symbionclinical.com

Symbion Hospital Services

Symbion Hospital Services

Symbion Hospital Services is a specialist wholesaler and distributor to more than 1300 Australian public and private hospitals, day surgeries, government and non-profit health agencies.

With a range of over 12,000 products including the full range of PBS and Section 100 items, Symbion Hospital Services delivers vital products, in full, on time, using the industry’s most user-friendly ordering and inventory management system.

Symbion Hospital Services acts as a key link between pharmaceutical manufacturers and the demanding needs of the hospital market by using powerful online business tools, such as Symbion Online Portal (SHOP) and Symbion neXus. These tools track orders and facilitate the receipt of products quickly and easily – saving time and streamlining operations for manufacturers and hospitals.

Symbion Hospital Services has a nationwide warehouse and distribution network; from supply dock delivery, to total imprest management, a full product range, technical support and access to state government tenders, Symbion is the largest supplier of medicines to Australian hospitals.

Symbion Hospital Services is an innovative hospital supply-chain provider and a trusted, quality-assured distributor and logistics partner to the Australian primary healthcare industry.

Talk to a Business Manager about:

  • SYMPREST® - pack for ward service
  • Special Access Scheme service
  • Digital health
  • Medical and healthcare equipment, consumables and surgical solutions
  • Patient support programs from hospital to home

EBOS Healthcare

EBOS Healthcare

We connect people to the world's best health and wellness products.

For over 96 years EBOS Healthcare has been supplying Public and Private Hospitals, Day Surgeries, General Practice, Aged Care Facilities and Specialist Clinics with the best products from around the world.

As a single source supply business with distribution coverage across Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands, EBOS Healthcare is well positioned to service its customers for all their health and medical product requirements throughout Australasia.

At EBOS Healthcare we continuously explore and evaluate new solutions on behalf of our customers by collaborating with global manufacturers who are innovative and pioneer products that meet our customers’ needs and who share our values of Quality, Integrity and Trust.

With over 35,000 products, more than 1,000 global suppliers and offices in 10 locations across Australasia, the business is well placed to meet the ever changing needs of the healthcare environment.

By operating specialised business units within Primary Care, Hospital and Aged Care with dedicated sales, marketing and customer service teams for every channel, we are able to take an entrepreneurial approach to each area of supply. This allows us to customise our service to meet the expectations of each market segment and increase the value for our customers through tailored solutions.

With extensive market coverage through our specialised business divisions, we follow and support healthcare practitioners and patients at all stages of their lives. The scale and breadth of our business provides us the edge over others to offer Value and Variety without compromising on Quality.

And this is what truly makes us 'Essential to Health'.

For more information on our Business Divisions, please visit:



For more than 20 years Onelink has partnered with public and private hospitals, delivering continuous value through its world-class healthcare supply chain solutions.

To deliver these high performing supply chain solutions to the hospital supply dock and beyond, Onelink utilises the best technology, systems and people. With the supply chain taken care of, healthcare professionals can better focus on patient care.

Onelink’s customer focussed solution consolidates thousands of medical and pharmaceutical suppliers and products into a single, electronically enabled pipeline. Whether it’s delivering large scale replenishment orders into a hospital theatre store, pharmacy or ward - or supplying medical consumables to an individual patient in the community – Onelink’s systems enhance the quality and reliability of the service whilst reducing the cost to serve.

In New Zealand, with operations throughout the country, Onelink is the only national provider focused entirely on the hospital and health sector supply chain.

Onelink Australia’s leading edge facility in Western Sydney provides warehousing and distribution services for NSW Health, delivering medical supplies to hospitals and health services across the state.

Delivering healthcare in the future will require ongoing innovation, collaboration, investment and commitment, from all aspects of the health continuum. Onelink is dedicated to evolving health supply chains to deliver the dependability, quality and value required to meet those challenges.

For more information visit www.onelink.co.nz



Clinect is an Australian based pharmaceutical company which supplies a range of products and devices in Australia and New Zealand.

We focus on supporting unique products in hospital and pharmacy via strategic partnering and product acquisition, ensuring ongoing access for patients.

Clinect is committed to supplying clinically essential products in the Australia and New Zealand markets by providing a unique offering within the region.

Focusing on the advancement of niche treatments, we specialise in products that require special attention and knowledge.

For more information visit www.clinect.com.au



In 1975, HPS Pharmacies was founded by a sole pharmacist who began by servicing a small 28-bed nursing home in South Australia.

Today, HPS and its network of HPS Approved Pharmacies has grown to employ over 600 staff and is one of Australia’s leading providers of pharmacy services to health facilities, with long-term relationships within private hospitalspublic hospitalscancer centrescorrectional facilities and veterinary clinics.

HPS is built on a strong foundation, with a vision to provide the highest quality of pharmacy care to clients, patients and the wider community.

Its network of HPS Approved Pharmacies has been involved in the provision of pharmaceuticals and clinical services to health facilities for over 40 years, offering a tailored and responsive approach to clients, which ultimately contributes to the delivery of individualised patient care.

Innovation is a guiding principle for HPS in improving patient outcomes and maximising cost efficiencies for clients. HPS has established regular innovation forums through which staff can explore opportunities for continual improvement, and proactively seek client’s input in this area.

HPS’ service features an underlying focus on innovative solutions to:

  • Increase medication safety;
  • Guarantee cost savings;
  • Improve the efficacy in taking medications; and
  • Increase the quality and value of pharmaceutical use.




Zest is a leading strategic healthcare provider, who pride ourselves on delivering better models of care across the healthcare system and creating solutions for our clients.

As part of the EBOS group we can draw on the expertise of their healthcare logistics, wholesalers, consumables and pharmacy network.

We provide medicine access, patient support programs, and medical education programs through face-to-face, online, telehealth and nurse-led interactions.

Our bespoke thinking and delivery of seamless end-to-end solutions enable your vision to be realised and patients’ lives to be optimised sooner.

When you partner with Zest, you are partnering to deliver a healthier Australia.F

For more information visit www.zest.com.au



Masterpet is the home of some of the most trusted brands in pet care across Australasia.

With brands such as Black Hawk, VitaPet, Aristopet, Trouble & Trix and Your’s Droolly, the team at Masterpet knows that life is better with a pet. With this passion and knowledge for bringing the best in pet nutrition, treats, clean-up, grooming and accessories to pet owners, Masterpet makes owning a pet easy.

Masterpet brands are sold through veterinarians, pet shops and grocery stores in Australia and New Zealand and throughout South-East Asia, serviced by offices and warehouses in Australia, New Zealand and China.

For more information visit www.masterpet.com.au



Lyppard is Australia’s leading veterinary wholesaler, supporting veterinarians as they care for companion animals, production animals and the elite athletes of the equine world. 

With warehouse facilities strategically located in six locations across Australia, Lyppard ensures the highest service levels to veterinarians around the country. Its team understands the veterinary profession and is focussed on meeting the demands of the industry, providing veterinarians with quality products at affordable prices as well as professional, reliable and friendly service.

For more information visit www.lyppard.com.au

Black Hawk

Black Hawk

Black Hawk is the leading premium pet food in Australia and New Zealand and one of Masterpet's most successful brands.

Born from the passion of breeders and developed to become one of Australia’s (and now New Zealand’s) most trusted names in pet food, Black Hawk is about real food and superior pet health through its simple approach of ‘every ingredient matters’. Its commitment to a carefully selected range of ingredients has quickly made it the most affordable premium choice in food for pet owners.

Australian made, Black Hawk continues to enjoy growth within the specialty retail market with an enviable reputation for delivering optimum pet conditioning – measured through such vital aspects as improved skin conditions, mobility and digestion.

Black Hawk challenges passionate pet parents to join the real food movement for pets and help their pets live longer, happier and healthier lives

For more information visit www.blackhawkpetcare.com.au



VitaPet is Masterpet's signature grocery brand. The clear leader in the New Zealand market and now the leading pet treat brand within Australian supermarkets, VitaPet is a brand dedicated to making it easy for pet owners to do what's best for their pets.

VitaPet’s promise is that responsible, high quality pet care doesn’t need to be complicated or expensive and today, with over 500 products in its range across New Zealand and Australia, VitaPet continues to contribute significantly to the health and wellbeing of pets in both countries.

For more information visit www.vitapet.com



Animates is a specialty pet retail brand with stores throughout New Zealand, trading as a joint venture with Australian brand Petbarn.

Masterpet has a 50% share in Animates NZ, which offers a platform for extending the reach of Masterpet’s brands.

From the opening of its first store in Christchurch in 1996, the Animates dream of creating a ‘true pet superstore’ has thrived. Animates is a one-stop-shop for pet lovers, offering high quality food, flea treatments, fun and educational toys, kennels, hutches, cages and tanks, dog and cat grooming products, pet health supplements, as well as pet shampoos and conditioners – all underpinned by good advice in-store.

For more information visit www.animates.co.nz