EBOS Healthcare

EBOS Healthcare

EBOS Healthcare has been a major part of the fabric of Australasia’s healthcare system since 1922, supplying clinicians and their patients with outstanding products.

At every point a person interacts with the healthcare system, EBOS Healthcare is there.

The business offers a personalised customer service experience, excellent logistics and distribution capability to get products to the customer in record time and the ability to source the best products from around the world.

Its product range spans from daily medical consumables and innovative surgical solutions to established medical and healthcare equipment, which are supported by dedicated service solutions to meet the needs of EBOS Healthcare customers.

With 20,000 active products, more than 1,000 global suppliers and offices in seven locations across Australasia, the business is well placed to meet the ever changing needs of the healthcare sector.

For more information on EBOS Healthcare New Zealand visit www.ebosonline.co.nz

For more information on EBOS Healthcare Australia visit www.ebosonline.com.au

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